Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sweet Ps Art Festival

On April 23-25, 2010, I packed up my prints and card and headed up to the Sweet Ps Art Festival in Marietta. This year, I was in the craft market and grateful for it because of the thunderstorms on Saturday! The festival has been ongoing each year for about seven years—so there’s a lot of traffic and opportunity for sales. Proceeds from the festival are donated to a variety of Atlanta-area charities that support families in need.

This was my first time selling at a festival so I observed, learned and made some sales. Despite the rain, the craft market did a lot of sales and money for some great causes.Also, I met some great, friendly artists and crafters. I introduced a new line of greeting cards and I’m pleased with the response. Any and all comments on the table/booth design are appreciated.

The festival was extremely well-planned and organized—considered one of the best executed festivals in the Southeast. There were so many volunteers and the festival organizers were extremely helpful and thoughtful to all the artist and crafters. Thanks to Kathryn Scofield from SweetPs for telling me about it—she found me on etsy.

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