Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sheep, Original Fine Art Digital Painting

This beautiful photo painting is of a cheviot sheep. Cheviots have clean faces, wooly bodies and big dark eye—they look like sheep from beautifully illustrated children’s book.

On a snowy day in February, I traveled up to a fellow sheep breeder's farm in order to photograph her Baby Doll lambs. Snow in Georgia is kinda rare. She had a couple of Cheviot sheep--I breed that I had never seen. I fell in love with this particular sheep—she’s so elegant and regal. I think this breed is the perfect artist sheep.

Like most sheep—she not very excited to have a stranger paying so much attention to her. She finally posed while getting a treat from her owner. For those of you who also do photo painting. . . I’m experimenting with a different style of photo painting. I guess the best way to describe it is more organic.

Prints are available in several squares sizes.

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