Monday, April 26, 2010

Angel’s Breath, Original Abstract Angel Fine Art Photograph

On Mondays in March and April, I’m introducing you to a new series I’ve been working on since December. This abstract photo series is called Angels of Light. “Angel’s Breath” is featured in this blog article.

There have been several studies based on interviews in which people describe having had an angel encounter in which they were touched, pushed or lifter to avert a dangerous situation. I had a similar encounter when I was pulled out of oncoming traffic when visiting Ireland. I hope that "Angel’s Breath" reminds you that hope comes at moments when you need it most.

This idea for this series came to me during the Christmas holidays. I collect angel tree toppers. I noticed how the pretty the Christmas tree lights looked behind one of my angel figurines. They looks so ethereal and almost heavenly. “Angel’s Breath” was photographed using a Canon camera and a lensbaby lens—a selective focus lens. I combined several exposures in Abode Photoshop to complete the image. The quote reads “I wear a coat of angel’s breath and warm myself with His love.”

Prints of this artwork are for sell on etsy.

“Angel’s Breath” is signed and dated on the back. It’s not matted or framed. A professional lab prints the image on metallic paper. The watermark isn’t on the final print.

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