Sunday, October 18, 2009

Abstract Photo Heartsong

“Heart Song” is from my photo abstract series called Dreamscapes. On a recent visit to my Mom’s house, I photographed a beautiful flower basket she had hanging on her porch. It was a warm windy day—perfect for taking abstract photos. This photograph reminded me of some of the things that “MOM” means to me—a bright warm heart in the middle of the storms of life.

“Heart Song” was photographed using a Canon camera and a lensbaby lens—a selective focus lens. I combined several exposures in Abode Photoshop to complete the image. This photograph was taken on my Mom’s porch in Tennessee on a windy day. The flower depicted in the photograph is a impatient in a hanging basket.

Where to Put in Your Home:
Anywhere you want to bring the outdoors inside.

How to Buy:
You can purchase a print of this photo if you're interested. I think this photograph looks best printed on metallic paper at a large size—like 16 x20 or larger. At larger sizes you can see the details on the flower best.

Random phrases that describe this photograph:
Heart, Form and light, Barely formed. Ethereal. Flowing. Gentle breath. Gentle kiss. Willowy. Wispy. Dream-like, light, airy and tenuous, celestial, heavenly, lacking material substance, surreal

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