Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bear Cubs, baby raccoons, possums and a man called “Grizzly”

OK, when have you ever had a black bear cub crawl on your lab and try to untie your shoe lace? This past Sunday, that’s just want happened to me. I spent the afternoon at the Ellijay Wildlife Sanctuary in Ellijay, Georgia.

It was a wonderful experience to watch the bears play and climb and be able to have them climb up in my lab. Taking photos was great too! The bear cubs are between 8-12 weeks old. I was surprised at how small they are at this point.

The Sanctuary is home to several bears, cougars, Eastern panthers, raccoons, possums and a lot of other animals that need homes. Including the two black cubs—Ben and Jerry in the photos. As many of the animals that can be released back into the wild are released when they are healed or old enough. The cubs lost their Mom during a storm and were imprinted to human and can’t be released. However, the raccoons and possums will be released back into the wild. With budget cuts, the sanctuary is in dire need of donations, so check out the Sanctuary’s website and make a donation.

Click here to view a larger selection of the photos I took on Sunday.

A special thanks to David Akoubian of Bear Woods Photography for organizing the photography trip.


  1. Thanks for posting photos of this, have been to Ellijay several times and had no idea they had a wildlife sanctuary. Will try to get up there and visit soon and also pass along the info about their need for donations.

  2. Thanks for your comment Seedlings: Jewelry. It's worth the trip!